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World Kindness Day Reminds Us That Even the Small Things Count

While most "social media holidays" are simply a good excuse to bring in donuts for the office and post it to Instagram or shout-out your favorite coffee purveyor on Twitter, there are actually a few that provide an opportunity for thought and growth. World Kindness Day happens each November, and this year the Anglin PR staff took some time to reflect on the concept of kindness, where we see it in the world and how we can create more of it.

"We are perpetually busy, racing through our days. Sometimes, I feel a tap on my shoulder and notice someone who needs help. It could be as simple as helping a neighbor load something heavy, or it could be asking a few questions to make sure the person isn’t in a bad situation when we notice something doesn’t seem quite right. I believe that if I ignore the taps, pretend I didn’t notice or tell myself I’ll be late if I stop, that those taps on my shoulder will eventually stop. "

World Kindness Day at Anglin PR in OKC

"I live in a cul-de-sac, and at any given time there are 10-15 children playing catch, riding bicycles and showing off their most prized toys. Now that daylight hours are getting shorter and nights are growing colder, the kids are being pushed inside. However, our parental kindness seems to be coming out more often. We keep our front doors unlocked for in-and-out kiddos, feed children who aren’t our own and even play that cartoon one more time for the kids whose parents need those few moments of sanity before bedtime. My neighborhood may be small, but our acts of kindness toward each other are significant, impactful and help us parents conquer the larger world beyond our cul-de-sac."

World Kindness Day at Anglin PR in OKC

"Isn’t it inspiring how, thanks to technology, there are so many accessible ways to help, give and support folks who might have a need? A friend of a friend recently collected money through Facebook in order to purchase warm coats, gloves and hats for people experiencing homelessness in our community. With a couple of quick clicks I was able to donate funds to make sure people in Oklahoma City had what they needed to brave the extreme weather. Technology has also made recurring donations to worthy non-profits simple. I can set up a monthly withdrawal to causes I support. Using the money transferring app Venmo, I can “send a latte” (read: five dollars) to a friend who might be having a bad day. I can even send a box of 2 a.m. cookies to someone on the other side of Oklahoma City with simple apps like Postmates or Uber Eats. I think it’s a great reminder of the ways technology connects us and can be used for good

"Seeing random acts of kindness out in the world is one of my very favorite things and one act of kindness that I will never forget witnessing happened a few years ago while I was on vacation. Traveling on a train I sat across the car from a young mother with a toddler, and either heat of that summer day or the swaying of the train, or both, made this poor little boy sick. Right as he fell ill the train made a stop and an older, white haired woman walked onto the train with arms full of grocery bags and without a second of hesitation she made her way to this little boy. As his mother dug through her bag for water and a clean shirt the woman fanned the little boy with her newspaper, smiled and chatted with him until he calmed down. From afar as they interacted, I could tell the two women did not speak the same language but still these total strangers worked together to help a little boy feel comfortable. It was such a lovely reminder that even when an act of kindness is simple, it’s powerful."

World Kindness Day at Anglin PR in OKC

"When it comes to kindness I experience it all the time. Sometimes it’s someone in the grocery store letting me pass them in line when I’ve only got one item. Or it’s my coworkers teaching me how to get ice off my car. I experienced kindness the most from my fiancé. Since we have recently moved to Oklahoma, we are often flying back and forth to visit family in California. When I come home late from a flight he will pick me up with a cup of coffee, warm pumpkin bread, and a hug. It makes a huge difference when I get home after a 6-7 hour flight!"

World Kindness Day at Anglin PR in OKC

"I love watching the kindness of children. They see someone hurting and they want to make it better in the best way they know how. My son was crying the other day when I dropped him off at daycare and several of the children came over looking concerned. One little girl had a toy cow in her hand that she promptly handed to him. He was so happy to have received that little token. I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to witness this as a reminder of the simplest acts of kindness."


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