Danielle Williams 

Account Coordinator

Danielle is an account coordinator at Anglin Public Relations and she specializes in digital communications. Danielle has seven years of experience in public relations, communications and fundraising, primarily in nonprofit and education settings. It is her passion for fostering meaningful connections between organizations and communities that drew Danielle to public relations and firm work. She earned a B.A. in mass communication with an emphasis in public relations, as well as minors in sociology and entrepreneurial studies from Gaylord college at the University of Oklahoma. Danielle currently volunteers with and serves on the boards of local healthcare and public policy related nonprofits.

I’m newly married to my long-time partner, Kevin. We love to cook, so we spend a lot of time together in the kitchen. I swam competitively for a decade and while I’m certainly not setting any records today, you will still catch me at the pool once or twice a week. I do my best to travel as often as I can, whether that means crossing an ocean or taking a weekend road trip. I enjoy community service work because I am a big picture type thinker and I believe all of us can be a powerful force for positive change.


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