The key to our planning success is working with your team; understanding your goals, audiences, opportunities and available resources and creating a plan that both stretches you and provides a realistic roadmap. Read about the work we've done.
Anglin PR will broaden your reach and impact by connecting with local and national media outlets. Our process includes message development, pitching stories, writing opinion pieces and tracking results. We also offer customized media training with real-world interview simulations to prepare spokespeople for both positive and difficult media interviews. See examples.
Anglin PR helps facilitate connections with communities and neighborhoods. We use listening sessions, focus groups, meetings and more to understand community interests and concerns. Using this information we advise on the best steps to develop and strengthen relationships. Our agency has extensive experience identifying and developing partnerships to help our clients. See examples.
Anglin PR has a specialty in crisis response and communications.  We provide crisis planning as well as crisis response to mitigate damage to an organization’s reputation.  Planning and response is customized, but generally includes likely scenarios, identification of key stakeholders and their unique concerns, key messages, identification of proper spokespeople,  communication tools and strategy and appropriate tracking and reporting processes.  See examples.
Our web expertise includes:
  • Advising on CMS, architecture and functionality of the website
  • Evaluating user experience
  • Writing content
  • Gathering multimedia assets including photos, videos and graphics
  • Designing the site
  • Planning and optimizing mobile
  • Populating the website, launching and supporting/growing search engine optimization

See the work we've done.

  • Social media “setup” and content for new programs, events, speakers, etc.
  • Work ahead by creating a social media calendar to plan posts: identify topics, events, promotions and images.
  • Advise on crisis events; how to get ahead of a sensitive topic or event.
  • Connect social platforms to serve as inbound marketing channels for a website.
  • Advise and train on analytics so you can clearly see impact from social efforts.
  • Create and post ads on social media.    ​​​​
       View our work.
Your marketing and communication materials are an important and sometimes lasting impression. It’s important to develop a consistent message and design with all materials that reach your audience. We're adept at collecting information and distilling it into language, color, art, charts and images that help your target audiences quickly understand, care and act. See what we've done.
Our process begins with strategy. What audience do you want to reach? What is the best medium? What are the value-added services? We take the clients goals and budget and “dig into” demographic and psychographic data to determine the best media buy for budget and effectiveness. View examples.

Established in 1999 in Oklahoma City,  Anglin Public Relations provides comprehensive public relations and marketing for businesses, organizations, nonprofits, and government agencies.

We'd love to hear about you and your big ideas.

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