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Our Story

The people who work at Anglin embody certain core values: collaboration, sincerity, engagement, open-mindedness and strategy. We are highly trusted by our clients and we take care to ensure our work and our actions are worthy of that trust. 


Those are values held dear by the founder, Debbie Anglin, who wanted to work for a company that helps others succeed, provides strategic solutions and creates value for the community. It was 1999 and the World Wide Web was exploding, America was preoccupied with Y2K, and Oklahoma City was beginning its renaissance. Debbie left behind a sure paycheck and health benefits to build a firm that she wanted to work for.


Our values haven’t changed since 1999. We take joy in untangling complex challenges, ensuring that every client can achieve their goals while providing them with the confidence and clarity needed to thrive in their industry.

Over the past twenty-five years, Anglin has helped clients advocate for community economic growth, job creation, higher education, affordable housing, and removing the stigma surrounding mental health. Read more about Anglin's story here.


Anglin is a trusted, full-service strategic marketing and public relations firm with a proven track record of untangling complex challenges. For over 25 years we have specialized in crafting solutions that yield tangible results for our clients. As your collaborative partners, we’re dedicated to simplifying communication complexities and delivering effective solutions. By embracing innovation and new ideas, we ensure our strategies remain effective and forward-thinking in today’s dynamic world.

Our Team

Debbie Anglin

Founder + CEO

Caitlin Dennis Bailey


Rachel Hulse

Business Development Director

Toni Allen

Account Executive

Sarah Thompson

Digital Manager

Holly Boyd

Account Manager

Andrew Kasper

Account Manager

Rachele Cromer

Graphic Design Coordinator

Our Promise

Our promise is to engage with you in a manner that exudes transparency and integrity. We will collaborate closely with you, ensuring that every step we take together is purposeful and strategic.

Our commitment to collaboration forms the heart of our ethos. Our tailored strategic approach focuses on your specific needs and goals, prioritizing long-term success and sustainable growth. At Anglin, we don’t just provide solutions; we pave the way for your success, positioning you as the hero of your narrative.

Join Our Team

We value diverse perspectives and foster an environment where every voice is heard and valued. Genuine connections that lead to meaningful relationships are at the core of what we do.


This is where we post information about open full-time positions and part-time internships.

If you’re interested in being considered for an internship at Anglin (fall, spring or summer), find out more information below!

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