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Three Quick Tips For Improving Your Content Strategy

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

During this time of social-distancing and remote working, more folks have noticed what we’ve known for a while - you can’t ignore your online presence. And since COVID-19, promoting your business online is more important than ever. Below are three quick tricks to help you improve your social media content in a simple but effective way.

Video Tips for social media content

1. Start using video on social media

Adding videos as part of your content can take several different forms. Here’s one idea: create a video of your staff and post to your website or social media channels. For example, you can create “meet the staff” videos and introduce all your team members! This can be a personal way to connect your audience with your staff. It also displays your company culture and lets your audience know a little more about what to expect when interacting with you.

Another way to harness short videos is by including them in emails your company sends out. These can be anything from highlighting something your company did, to giving your audience special information about an event or promotion you have coming up. Click for an example the Anglin PR team created recently. By incorporating video into your email marketing, you’ll increase interest in your business and get people excited about what your company is doing.

2. Find out what your audience wants and needs

A simple way to find out your target audience’s interests is to ask them. Start incorporating polls and surveys into your social media posts and stories to find out what your audience thinks. Not only will this increase engagement on your channels, but it will also give you a better idea of what to post in the future.

One of the simplest ways to see what your audience likes is to look at analytics. Looking at your website and social media’s analytics is an important step that some businesses forget. By regularly monitoring and comparing analytics of your posts, you’ll see which posts were better received by your audience and what topics received the most engagement. Then do more of what worked!

3. Make your posts stand out

This may seem obvious, but most people see 4,000 or more ads a day! Making sure that your post is the one they remember may seem daunting, but there are simple ways to stand out.

You need lots of visuals! If you aren’t including images or graphics with each post, you may as well not even be posting. As the saying goes, a picture is worth 1000 words and this couldn’t be more true for online media.

Another way to make your post stand out is to include a catchy title or a funny caption. Experiment with tone and wording to generate more interest, engagement and views. One easy way to do this is to ask questions in your title or caption to generate engagement. Another way to make your content stand out is to tell your audience how to do something or what to do. For example, if we were to rename this post, it could be, “How to improve your strategic content in three easy steps.” The goal is to intrigue your readers and encourage them to read further.

Most importantly, make sure that your strategic content aligns with your brand and company values. It’s important to remember that the reason your audience is looking at your content is because they trust you. So have fun, experiment, and keep your content specific and unique to your company!


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