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Swiping Right on Relationships: Confluence Conference 2016 Highlights

I recently attended Confluence Conference 2016, which is a two-day digital marketing conference in Oklahoma City. At the very core of Confluence is relationship building. The conference has always promoted local networking and building a better community for digital marketers in Oklahoma. Here are some other most important takeaways the conference gave its’ attendees this year.

“Can you automate quality time with your children? Date night? Other relationships? No? Same for influencers.” -Maree Jones

On day two of the conference, Maree Jones, a public relations professional, gave an informative presentation on ‘influencer marketing’. 

In a world where social media content is king, consumers are turning to their peers to inform their purchasing decisions. According to Maree, “Customers acquired through word of mouth have a 37 percent higher retention rate” and “up to 81 percent of brands that include influencer marketing in their campaign have reported success”.

​So, who is an influencer for your business? It is important to pick someone who has the same proximity and values as you, and your target customer. The influencer doesn’t have to have a blog or a website, but they do need to have good social profiles, know the language of analytics and can show you real-world examples of the value they bring to the table. Whether the influencer marketing campaign is paid or earned, this strategy has the potential to earn your business more revenue and establish trust with your target audience. 


Here are some other helpful takeaways from Confluence: ● “Podcasts are an excellent way to get attention out about your brand.” - Erin Yarbourgh

● “Content is the most important thing. It’s the foundation. If you don’t have good content on your site, nothing else matters.” - Greg Gifford

● “Put links in everything you do that lead back to your site. The moment you get them to your site, that’s where your magic happens” - Steve Hammer

● “Review your SEO checklist regularly- whether it’s weekly or monthly. Use the tools available  to monitor your website and make sure your SEO doesn’t get wrecked.” - Joe Laratro

● How are unicorn pages (pages with good SEO and click through rate) born? They’re born of emotion. Emotion causes use to click and to share.” - Larry Kim

● Install a Facebook Pixel on every page of your website, which is a piece of code that allows you to start collecting data. - Sarah Hoffman

● If your brand is ready to take the leap into Snapchat, just remember, one size doesn’t fit all – don’t use the same tactics as on social media.” - Daniel Russell


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