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My summer internship at a PR agency

Written by LeAnn Wilson, Strategic Communications major at Oklahoma State University

I always imagined interning as it’s portrayed on television: going on coffee runs, always making copies and sitting at a small desk in the closet. Instead, I’ve been given the opportunity to learn through experiences provided by some of the smartest women I know.

LeAnn Wilson, intern at Anglin PR

Interning here at Anglin PR is more than what I expected. We are a small office, and generally, agency work can be intimidating, so I was nervous to see if I had what it takes to keep up with the work. Although it can be a lot of work compiled into one day, the variety of it all keeps it interesting, fun and upbeat . So far, I’ve assisted in creating a newsletter for a construction company to increase sales in a new market, created a compelling video for a nonprofit organization vying for inclusion in OKC’s MAPS 4 projects and written news releases highlighting a university’s engineering summer program. I never leave work here without learning something new, but I do always leave with the confidence and excitement to continue in this career path.

While in school at Oklahoma State University as a strategic communications major, I try to involve myself in organizations and activities that allow me to showcase the best of people and their efforts in connecting with our campus and the Stillwater community. I’ve helped manage and analyze social media accounts for a new fashion and lifestyle magazine on campus as well as the social accounts of my sorority. I have also recently become the co-president of our school’s PRSSA chapter, which has allowed me to connect to many other students as well as PR professionals in Stillwater and OKC. Being able to do this through creative and imaginative work is what I enjoy most and here, at Anglin PR, there are no limits to that. Soon, I will help build a website for a biomedical transporting company as well as write and schedule social posts for a local suburban neighborhood association.

As of now, I only have one semester left before graduating, and then I will look for a new adventure to take on; either close to home in Oklahoma City or nearby in the state of Texas. I realize that I enjoy the variety and pace of agency work, so I hope to continue working in that setting specifically through digital and print media. Until then, I will be enjoying the rest of my summer at home with my dog, taking trips with friends and learning more about PR (and the art of making great popcorn) from the women at Anglin PR.

Anglin PR team in OKC enjoying popcorn
Every day is a good day here at Anglin PR, but popcorn makes it better.


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