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Meet Kristen Fine!

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

We are ecstatic to welcome Kristen Fine to the Anglin PR as a Digital Content Manager! Kristen comes with 6 years of experience listening to businesses, nonprofits and schools and helping them cultivate a cohesive digital footprint and seamless brand standards.

Interested in getting to know Kristen? Continue reading, below!

What marketing tactics are your favorite to execute for clients?

Storytelling is bigger than ever before with new social media platforms like TikTok taking hold and older platforms like YouTube making a huge comeback. Audiences want to see real people telling a story, or giving a review. I love capturing and producing those organic moments that turn into huge wins in the end.

What is your favorite quote?

When I first started in the public relations industry, I was fresh out of college and happened to stumble upon an amazing mentor. She once told me “you are never too good to do the dishes.” This quote, although it's from no notable author; stuck with me through my whole career. No matter where you are, you are never too advanced to execute a task.

Do you have pets?

We have 4 dogs and a cat; Molly (16), Maverick (5), Murphy (4), Trooper (3) and Sassy (18). We are very passionate about animal rescue and in our free time volunteer with transporting animals to rescue or at our local shelter. We also own our own affordable pet sitting company, Fine Sitting, which was inspired by our own dog, Maverick.

What are you reading/listening to/watching right now?

I am watching The Summer I Turned Pretty on Amazon Prime Video. It’s a book series by Jenny Han that was published 15 years ago that was finally turned into a TV series. It is so good and Jenny Han is an amazing storyteller!

What did you want to be when you were little?

I grew up in Corpus Christi and the ocean was right at my doorstep, so I always told my parents that I would become a marine biologist one day. Which, if you have read how many pets we have, then you understand where my passion for animals came from!

Favorite vacation destination?

We travel quite a bit to Florida! Our best friends live there and so we travel 2-3 times a year to see them and go to Universal Studios and, of course, the beach. We love anywhere tropical and have traveled to Hawaii and have a trip planned to the Dominican Republic this year.

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