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Meet Holly Boyd!

Updated: May 3, 2023

Holly Boyd is an account coordinator at Anglin PR, where she specializes in crafting creative content for social media messaging, websites, blogs and other publications.

Before joining the team, Holly worked as an advocacy campaign advisor; a marketing manager for a locally owned retail shop in Norman; and a marketing and social media campaign manager for various non-profits including the University of Oklahoma College of Fine Arts, Norman Arts Council and Norman Music Festival. Her diverse experience gives her an edge in crafting media messaging for clients. Holly is an alumna of the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Public Relations.

What are some of your hobbies?

Photography has always been a hobby of mine. I really enjoy nature

photography but mostly end up taking a lot of pictures of our dogs and

flowers and plants in our yard.

What are you reading/listening to/watching right now?

Right now, I’m listening to the Tom Petty radio show on Sirius XM. I really like

that what I hear is different and sometimes older but never the same. I enjoy

listening to a lot of chill music stations that are easy to work to and not get

distracted. I’ll watch pretty much anything on PBS or the History Channel

including a nature series and History's Greatest Mysteries.


My husband and I currently have 4 dogs, so our household is full of dog hair, drool and fun. Our two small dogs are The Dude, a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix, and Princess Vespa, a Pomeranian. Our other two are slightly larger, Brighton, a Blue Heeler and Mercy, a Shar Pei mix.

What’s growing in your garden?

We like to have a variety of pollinator plants for the bees and butterflies, anything to help our pollinators or that is drought tolerant. We typically plant a lot of Zinnia’s, sunflowers, coneflowers, and other beautiful plants that make excellent cut flowers for our house when there’s plenty of blooms.

Favorite vacation destination?

Matagorda, Texas – My husband and I love walking our dogs off-leash, along

the beach. We pick up shells of all shapes and sizes and have even found sea

glass and other true treasures! The slow pace of beach life and the breezes

off the Gulf Coast are incredible.


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