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Meet Anglin PR's new Digital Account Manager, Katie Parker

Katie Parker recently joined the Anglin PR team as a digital account manager. She’ll help create and distribute compelling digital and social media content for a variety of clients. With eight years of experience in public relations and communications for several education and nonprofit organizations, Katie’s a pro when it comes to sharing important messages in creative ways. She’s learned to connect with diverse groups of people to tell their stories in engaging ways.

“We all have such interesting stories to tell,” Katie said. “Looking at life through a different lens makes my work exciting and compels me to dig deeper in both my personal and professional life.”

From Oklahoma to California and Indiana, Katie has spent meaningful time in several places. The daughter of a national park ranger, she lived several of her early years right outside Yosemite National Park. Her family moved back to Oklahoma and settled in Sulphur where she spent most of her childhood. After high school, she earned a B.A. in journalism from the University of Oklahoma, and from there she attended the University of Notre Dame to earn her Juris Doctor.

Her passion for writing has taken her on almost as many adventures as moving with her

family or traveling around the world. She’s worked as a news reporter and later a freelance writer, covering stories that were exciting, some difficult and many that still mean a lot to the community.

“One story that sticks out was when I wrote about the six-month anniversary of the Moore tornado in 2013,” Katie said. “I interviewed a family who survived in their bathtub as their entire house crumbled around them and yet, they walked away unharmed. For me, writing about their experience spoke to the gravity of that day for so many people. It was a challenge to capture the raw emotion of gratitude for survival while looking to the future with hope.”

Katie’s skills go beyond raw storytelling to encompass strategic planning and guiding communication goals. And she always keeps an eye out for what makes an organization unique, what will draw others in and give a voice to those who should be noticed, celebrated and are making an impact in our state and beyond.

Though she enjoys stretching her writing talents, her small town and family roots run deep. She still refers to Oklahoma City as “the city,” and she enjoys taking walks in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area when she visits home. Some of her favorite times have been spent around the family game table on New Year’s Eve where more than a few heated board games have been played.

Just like her love for family, Katie’s passion for adventure is strong. Besides being able to speak and read French, she enjoys showing off her skills in the kitchen by trying new recipes. She’s also the proud dog-mom of two Maltese, Gigi and Winston, and she currently volunteers with Bella SPCA, a non-profit that assists low-income pet owners with veterinary care.

When the pandemic lifts, she’ll return to several other favorite hobbies, including participating in cosplay conventions, attending the theatre and ballet and any activity that requires a hug and smile. In the meantime, we welcome Katie to the Anglin PR family, and we’re crossing our fingers that she’ll bake us a quintessential French treat.


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