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Interning with Anglin PR

Hello! My name is Mikayla Martin and I’m an intern at Anglin Public Relations. As a public relations student at the University of Oklahoma, I was looking for an internship that would improve my skills and experience level, and that’s exactly what Anglin PR offered.

At Anglin, I have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients on a range of projects. One project I enjoy is creating content calendars for our client, a pool and hot tub company, that includes researching topics, making graphics and scheduling posts. Another task I also perform is social media listening on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This includes interacting with other accounts with a goal to increase following and engagement on each of these platforms.

Outside of social media projects, I conduct interviews and write articles for a higher education client. Interviewing was a skill that I overlooked, but Anglin has given me the opportunity to practice leading interviews and asking the right questions. From there I write articles about the individual’s life and accomplishments. I enjoy hearing about people’s passions and turning their interviews into a story. Another task at Anglin PR that helps me sharpen my writing skills is a copywriting project for a client’s new banking website. I write about a variety of topics, such as banking services, the bank's mission and history, and customer testimonials. Speaking with the bank’s past clients is one of my favorite projects because they share how their dreams became a reality with the help of the bank and I get to document that.

The work I do at Anglin PR relates back to what I’m learning and working on in school. In my public relations research class, I have to speak with multiple clients for one of my projects. The interviewing and networking skills I’m learning at my internship are improving my confidence in these areas in my studies. In my social media marketing class, we have to monitor a client’s social media, which is similar to many of my internship tasks. Being able to make connections between my assignments and my internship work has been very beneficial in my journey as an upcoming young professional.

A career in public relations can be very competitive and reliant on the number of skills you have, so I try to take every opportunity to learn a new skill or receive feedback from a team member. Thankfully, at Anglin PR I’m growing tremendously and have the opportunity to work with professionals with a diverse range of skills. This internship is strengthening my writing, communication, and design skills, as well as teaching me how to use software and monitoring tools that will be an asset when I apply for future jobs. Anglin PR is inclusive and makes me feel a part of the team. I feel confident to take on new challenges because my team trusts me to interact with clients and work on the same projects as them. I can’t thank Anglin PR enough for investing in me and ensuring that I have the tools to succeed in my future career. If you are looking for an internship opportunity I encourage you to apply to intern at Anglin PR!


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