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Client spotlight: the Alliance for Economic Development and helping small businesses

As a small business, Anglin PR knows firsthand the challenges that business owners and executives have met over the past few months. We’ve heard stories from business owners about their financial challenges ranging from meeting payroll, paying rent and utilities to finding budget for necessary technical assistance and training for employees. We are proud of the way our client, the Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City, heard those concerns and reacted quickly to meet to the needs of struggling business owners. Together with the City of Oklahoma City and the Greater of Oklahoma City Chamber, the Alliance created two programs to provide funds to struggling businesses.

One of the primary efforts of the partnership is a program designed to help small business owners meet payroll and other basic business expenses. The program utilizes cash incentives, no-interest loans, low-interest loans and technical assistance. It was launched the first week of April 2020 and was funded with $5.5 million allocated from the City’s Strategic Investment Program. The Oklahoma City Small Business Continuity Program drew over 600 applications in an 11-day window. Final review of those applications has continued through June. Anglin PR helped the Alliance and their partners write clear messages and descriptions for the program, create a toolkit of social media posts to spread the word and formed connections with groups who would share about the program through their own channels.

On the heels of the SBCP, came the Urban Renewal Authority Small Business Grant Program. The program was established later in April to assist very small businesses located within designated urban renewal areas. Applicants for this program could request up to $10,000 in grant funds to be used for future payroll, occupancy and other expenses. The OCURA program was funded with $400,000 in federal Community Development Block Grants and is still taking applications as of June 2020. Anglin PR helped OCURA and the Alliance refine messaging and program descriptions. We also created a landing page for potential applicants that would help them determine if they were eligible for the program and begin the application process.

Anglin PR is proud of the ongoing work we do with the Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City to promote development and growth in our community. The opportunity to help our neighbors and community find better access to the help they need was a meaningful way to support our client and their programs.


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