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Black-owned Business Toolkit

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

As a small business ourselves, we know how important it is to connect with resources and tools to boost your business to the next level. Many platforms have created Black-owned designation tools on their app or website for free use. But why would a designation like this matter? Simple answer the algorithm. Keywords are a key part of connecting consumers to business and someone searching to ‘support Black-owned business’ is going to be connected to you. This goes into point two, Community. The online world rewards communities, so designating yourself into the right one can help you build organic traffic based on focusing on your ideal audience. Relevancy and timeliness are also key factors in algorithms and the growing trend of platforms creating these specialized designations can put you at the forefront of a popular tool. Still curious about what you need to do? Below are some free resources and a downloadable toolkit to help Black-owned businesses better establish themselves online and enjoy the benefits the recent algorithm bumps can give you!

When you are looking for something where do you typically go online? The likely answer is Google. Google has released a new initiative aimed at supporting Black-owned businesses. One feature of this initiative included creating a special designation on Google profiles for Black-owned businesses. So we created a checklist of the steps Black-owned businesses can take to get verified on Google.

One tool that Anglin PR created to help you showcase your business is a Facebook profile frame. Frames are a great way to highlight causes you support and get others to join in with you.

Facebook Profile Picture Frame- For Business Owners

  1. Select profile picture in the bottom right and select “Use as profile picture”.You can adjust the length of time it appears on your profile.

Last summer we created a blog that went over Facebook Resources for Black Businesses and Creators that details resources you can use as a Black owner for your social profiles.

facebook frames created for black owned business support

Are you a consumer wondering “How can I support Black-owned businesses?

A great way to engage with Black-owned businesses is using directories such as By Black, We Buy Black and Support Black-owned that list thousands of products and services. You can also look for guides for locally owned Black businesses and support them by visiting their business or purchasing a gift card for yourself or someone else. Supporting a business doesn’t only mean financial support - there are plenty of other ways, such as engaging with businesses online. Be sure to share their posts and promos to help them reach a wider audience. If you purchased from them be sure to leave a review that lets people know they are a trustworthy business. Like and comment on their posts, your like means a lot so don’t forget to follow and support the business. To showcase your support for Black-owned businesses this month we created a Facebook profile frame!

Facebook Profile Picture Frame- For Consumers

  1. Select profile picture in the bottom right and select “Use as profile picture”. You can adjust the length of time it appears on your profile.

While February is Black History Month, we know these are important assets for Black-owned businesses and their supporters to access year-round, and they will remain accessible from our website. If you have any questions on this blog or in general about Anglin PR don’t hesitate to send us a message at!


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