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A Pivotal Year at Anglin PR

If you’re anything like us, you’re barreling toward the new year right now, hustling to wrap up projects and manage a lengthy end of year to-do list. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to reflect on what a pivotal year it’s been for Anglin PR. While a lot here has changed lately, it’s the client-first attitude that Anglin PR has had since its founding that got us where we are today. We’d like to give you a snapshot of our past year, and glimpse into big things to come for APR in 2020.

Anglin PR Celebrates 20 Years

Firstly, our staff has nearly doubled since this time in 2018 and that alone is huge! We’re happy to see such a surge in business and we’re sincerely grateful for the new clients who made it necessary to grow the team here at APR. The new staff here brought with them skills to expand every part of our services, from high level strategy, to data analysis and research, to content production to digital marketing. It’s wonderful to be in this environment with all kinds of new energy and new ideas, so we’re dreaming especially big for 2020. Keep an eye out!

The firm recently hit a particularly big milestone because this year marks 20 years in business! Thanks to Debbie Anglin’s bold vision for Anglin PR, the many years of hard work and the hundreds of clients along the way, Debbie has created something special here. The Anglin PR team is very happy to celebrate, and in fact the 20th anniversary was a great excuse to throw a party (you know us 😊). We had a lot of fun hanging out with clients old and new as well as folks in the PR industry who showed up to support us, and we want to thank everyone who came! We got some good photos from the party, check them out on Facebook!

Anglin PR 20th Anniversary Party

It’s been a pleasure to work with so many wonderful businesses, agencies and nonprofits, so many of whom had incredibly impressive achievements this year across the state, region and nation! Anglin PR is proud to stand with each of them.

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