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A case for team-building exercises and the difficult work of self-reflection

The staff of Anglin PR is fresh off a full staff retreat. After three days together and several great meals shared, we have a few thoughts on our team building initiatives and strategic planning for the next year.

Throughout 2020 and early 2021 we transitioned to remote work. Some staff now live outside of the Oklahoma City metro, and while digital tools have made it easy to adapt, we know that maintaining our dynamic as a collaborative team- which has always been a point of pride at Anglin PR- requires regular care and attention.

Remote staff traveled to OKC and all nine of Anglin PR’s team members spent the next several days in office for the first time in months- safely thanks to our 100% COVID-19 vaccination rate! In preparation, we dedicated time to internal surveys. One assessed our team, goals, strengths and weaknesses, and the other assessed our own individual personalities, and on day one we dug in.

The more complex assessment turned us all inward. Each of us took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test, and our friends at The Metisse Group facilitated a discussion on the impact of our results. The MBTI assessment helped Anglin PR understand how each of us makes decisions, how we absorb information and how to best collaborate, knowing how our whole team ticks.

Anglin PR founder and CEO, Debbie Anglin, is a great case study for the impact a MBTI can have on work style, leadership and collaboration. As an ENTP, Debbie is an enthusiastic innovator- no surprise then that she would launch and lead a successful business herself. She is good at reading people, generates creative solutions and ideas and then analyzes them strategically.

How, then, can her MBTI type help us understand Debbie’s relationship with the rest of the team at Anglin PR? Based on her results she is a big picture thinker, so she may rely on her team to take in information in a more granular way. Where Debbie may see the possibilities years into the future, she has several members of her staff who are more wired to focus on execution of the smaller intervals leading to the very next step. It’s our collaborative nature and willingness to hear each other out that really makes all the difference in accomplishing those big ideas for ourselves and our clients. We are now doing the ongoing work of applying what we learned about ourselves, each other and our group dynamics to make Anglin PR an even higher performing team. Examining First Round Review’s 25 Micro-Habits of High-Impact Managers, we took a hard look at our strengths and those spaces where there is room to improve. Overall, we know our greatest strength is our willingness to share ideas and rely on each other to learn and grow. One staff person’s idea may be better brought to life by her colleague and all our ideas can only improve through shared feedback. A high-performing team understands and utilizes each other's strengths, and after a week of examination, we are ready to apply those strengths to each account and in our long-term planning. To talk with us more about strategic planning and big ideas of your own, contact Anglin PR!


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