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9 out of 10 Reporters Like News Release Hyperlinks

  • Fast and efficient.  Use a hyperlink in your news release to point to a resource (your website or a subpage of your website) that will provide additional information or resources for the reporter, editor or reader.

  • Keep it clean.  Don't add lengthy references or sources with long names.  Quote a statistic or another source with a hyperlink to that site.  Examples: linking earnings reports to a full report or NASDAQ, linking a statistic or fact to the origin’s page that discusses the data point and it’s context.

  • Don’t get carried away.  Only hyperlink to elements that are critical for background for your news release.

  • Keep in mind, once that information is moved from your site or a 3rd party site, your link will be dead.  If you post the news release to your own website, consider removing hyperlinks to periodicals or 3rd party sites.

  • To create a hyperlink: highlight a few descriptive words. Right click and select “link.”  Copy and paste the webpage you wish to link to in the bar “Address.”

  • For more help on news releases, see the Anglin PR blog “News release tips" or call us at (405) 840-4222


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