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the Shout Out

Reach the Most People

Think you don’t have any news that the media would be interested in?  Not true!  The Shout Out will identify your news opportunities and connect with the right reporters or bloggers about a feature.

News coverage reflects and helps shape corporate reputations. Companies that receive positive media attention have spent time and resources developing relationships with reporters and bloggers and telling them about trends, changes and what people should know about their business or industry.

the Shout Out will:

  • Help you find your news opportunities in your upcoming events, seasonal business flow, new employees, launch of a new service, expertise in an emerging field or industry trend.

  • Prep a leader in your organization to be an effective, confident spokesperson.

  • Talk to the right reporters about your expertise or events to encourage a story.

  • Monitor the news coverage and give you ideas on how to distribute it further, i.e. posting on social, sending an email to clients, potential clients and more.

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