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Summertime at Anglin PR

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

Despite the heat, the team at Anglin PR spent this summer exploring new districts, identifying opportunities across the OKC metro and supporting clients who serve this community. Over these last few sweltering months, as OKC city council voted to pass the MAPS 4 package of 16 projects that will add to the city's growth and enrichment, Anglin PR has had the honor of representing a few clients at the forefront of the city’s development and to help prepare our community for the December 10 MAPS 4 vote.

Palomar provides help for Oklahomans needing to escape domestic violence, heal and rebuild. What makes Palomar special is their partnership with so many other agencies and organizations, 103 to be exact. What used to take victims of violence hours of travel and wait time, is now all housed in one place. It makes a real difference for a family in crisis. Their current facility, however, is temporary. The Anglin PR team conducted research and analysis, helped Palomar present their case to the city council for a larger, permanent location in central OKC and prepare for the city-wide MAPS 4 vote.

Anglin PR has operated out of Oklahoma City for 20 years now, and the evolution of this city since our founding is staggering. It’s organizations like our client, The Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City, that have been instrumental in strategically guiding that evolution. Formed in 2011, the Alliance has coordinated economic tools to grow and improve our city, and we’ve worked alongside them to build connections to media outlets and the public. Our role at the Alliance is to provide consistent outreach to the public by producing content like press pieces, newsletters, web content and informational material for allied organizations. The strategic guidance they offer Oklahoma City has been invaluable and their accomplishments make Anglin PR proud to serve OKC.

In recent months we’ve had the privilege of helping the Alliance promote the Innovation District. This developing section of the city is an incredible opportunity to grow OKC’s most cutting-edge industries and the passage of the MAPS 4 package will only optimize its incoming impact.

We love showcasing our clients’ accomplishments and it has really paid off through the strong partnership they’ve fostered with Oklahomans. Anglin PR couldn’t ask for a better headquarter city! It’s been a pleasure spending this summer serving these clients who have worked to make our city even better. We can’t wait to update you this fall on their progress!


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