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Resources for Science and Technology Companies in Oklahoma

Innovation doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

It takes an existing infrastructure, a web of support and opened doors to encourage the growth of science and technology in our state. Happily, organizations dedicated to supporting technology growth, entrepreneurs, small businesses, researchers, scientific innovation are located in the heart of Oklahoma, and they make it simpler for innovative companies and individuals to find what they need. Anglin PR is proud to work with many of these emerging leaders to communicate their big ideas and help introduce them to the public.

Science and Technology in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science & Technology provides funding to private technology enterprises, non-profit research institutions, the manufacturing industry and public or private higher education institutions who specialize in science and technology research and development in Oklahoma. Groups can use OCAST funding to support research in areas such as health, agriculture, manufacturing, technology and more. OCAST even works with Oklahoma companies to strengthen our state’s workforce by funding undergraduate and graduate internships at high-tech local companies. Working alongside OCAST to develop and design marketing strategy, communication and reporting, Anglin PR has had the privilege of witnessing several Oklahoma businesses grow and flourish with OCAST’s support. To learn more or stay informed about upcoming grant deadlines, visit OCAST’s website:

OCAST also partners with i2E Inc. on entrepreneurial development in Oklahoma. i2E works directly with entrepreneurs and researchers to develop their ideas, help them create a sustainable business model, grow their business and secure capital. With a focus on creating a stronger business environment and workforce in Oklahoma, many of the companies i2E has helped are in the science and technology space. For over 20 years, i2E has worked with emerging local businesses to provide advice and mentoring on launching products into the marketplace, in addition to providing capital to select projects and businesses. Anglin PR has worked with i2E and its partners to help educate stakeholders and lawmakers on how the organizations benefit the state’s economy. By creating key messaging, developing media relations and leveraging partnerships, we helped i2E effectively communicate to important audiences.

Oklahoma Catalyst Programs, based at the Tom Love Innovation Hub on the University of Oklahoma campus, provide networking, training and mentoring to entrepreneurs throughout Oklahoma. As part of their commitment to creating effective networks, they have two flagship programs. First, OCP acts as a steward of OK-Wise – an annual conference highlighting the scientific impacts made by women in our state. They also run SBIR Connector, which reaches out to small businesses engaged in innovation research and connects them with opportunities and funding sources. The OCP Catalyst team is available for consultation or you can attend an event to learn more:

innovation and technology resources in Oklahoma City

With a robust network of support and funding, it’s no wonder Oklahoma has seen explosive growth in science and technology innovation over the past decade. As these existing resources spur new developments the network, and our state, will only grow.


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