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Toni Allen

Account Manager

Been with Anglin since:


Toni is an award-winning professional with 10+ years of strategic communications experience under her heels. She has counseled businesses and organizations across the state, leading companies through times of celebration, times of change and times of crisis. Toni’s experience in PR leverages paid, earned, shared and owned media to improve client strategy, and her background in multicultural marketing adds a layer of inclusive knowledge and cultural relevancy to client campaigns. 

Outside of the office, Toni is a member of LOYAL Class XVII and currently serves on the board of the Oklahoma City Public Schools Foundation and Oklahoma Diversity Alliance. She earned an MBA from Oklahoma Christian University and graduated in the top of her class. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from The University of Tulsa and has been recognized by NextGen Under 30 as an innovative and inspiring millennial leader.

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