Jody Britt

Senior Account Executive

Jody is a professional communicator who creates strategic marketing programs that capture attention with the power of compelling stories. She has over 20 years’ experience in a broad range of marketing environments, from nonprofits to startups to large corporations to consulting. Jody builds comprehensive marketing solutions including branding packages, company positioning, customer personas, market situation and competitive analyses. She has translated this knowledge into teaching the fundamentals of marketing in trainings and online courses. Jody earned her undergraduate degree in Communications and French from Phillips University in Enid, OK, and her MBA with a concentration in Marketing from Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

I was part of a group of dedicated parents who created a language immersion school in Norman. We’re now in our second year and I love hearing my daughter speak French in the classroom and even more so, speaking French together at home! I spent a couple of college summers in France working as a nanny and studying at a language institute. Being part of the school has inspired me to dust off my language skills. It’s also fun to have our own “secret language,” which may encourage my husband MacKenzie to learn as well. My dream is to travel with them to French-speaking countries and instill the mindset of a global citizen. We just went through a big house renovation and now we love hanging out in the kitchen – with me watching them cook! 

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